African Swine Fever and the importance of Animal Nutrition

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Have you heard of African Swine Fever?

African swine fever was discovered in the early 20th century in southern and eastern Africa. It is a disease highly transmissible among animals and lethal, besides not having a vaccine that will fight it.

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Here we will explain more about this disease, which has had and still has several outbreaks around the world, killing hundreds of thousands of pigs and causing incalculable damage to the producer.

ASF deaths:

In January 2019, Denmark announced the construction of a barrier on the German border. With 70 km of extension, the wall will be electrified, all with the aim of preventing the entry of the virus in the country and contain the outbreak. See alarming cases and numbers about ASF!

Animal Nutrition:

Proper and balanced nutrition meets the basic needs of animals, in addition to minimizing the risk of nutritional deficiencies, preventing intoxications and increasing resistance (immunity) to diseases, understand more about it!

Yeast-based solutions:

Learn how the production process works, its key benefits and how they are critical to animal health.

Know the most efficient way to prevent yourself against swine fever

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