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Pet Palatability 

Nutrition and Immune System

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ICC Brazil developed this material to broaden technical knowledge on the importance of palatability and animal nutrition, and how this reflects on strengthening the immune system of pets.

The material gathers information based on scientific in vivo experiments and presents proven and attested results.

This e-book will address:

The importance of palatability

Animal nutrition is essential to the survival, maintenance and development of all animals; also, it can be added to different dietary goals. For pets, some situations or phases directly influence their appetite, such as when they are submitted to some environmental adaptation, when they become ill or when they undergo a surgical procedure. Thus, the more palatable the food, the better the necessary intake.

Types of yeast

The types of yeast, their functions and benefits to the body are addressed in this material. We bring science-based information and data that prove nutritional efficiency and palatability when used as feed additives.

Differences in the palatability for dogs and cats

Physiological differences of dogs and cats involve sensory senses. The number of taste buds, the preference for sweet or bitter, the sense of smell, among others, interfere in pet taste sensitivity. Learn the details of these differences and how to stimulate their palatability.

Research and Development

ICC Brazil is recognized in Brazil and abroad for creating innovative solutions for animal nutrition based on yeast. To support the significant growth for the last 27 years, the company constantly invests in innovation and technology. Learn more about the solutions provided by the company;

Get to know the benefits of palatability